5 Most Favorite VGO Youtube Videos

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One day, I was searching for the music video of Gently As She Goes on Youtube and I found the version of it sung by an incredible singer called Erutan. After that, I fell in love with her and started searching for her works again. She loves playing songs from video games. One of the song I love most is Radical Dreamers from Chrono Cross. Because of my love for that song, I searched for many version of that song and found a video named Radical Dreamers (Quintet Version). I was watching it and I felt like ‘Oh my God, this is very soothing!!!!’. I started being crazy to find any other of this Quintet and found that they are the members of an orchestra called Video Game Orchestra.

I don’t really like listen/watching orchestra, especially the classic ones. But when I watch VGO with their games music I feel extremely happy and wanna listen more!! And after 2 years listen/watch them on Youtube, I have these 5 favorite videos of them. I don’t type the number as the rank because I just love them all the same. Can’t decide which one better simply because they are the best!

1. Radical Dreamers (Quintet Version)

The first video, my first love! Until now, I still can’t forget how I feel when I first listen/watch for it. I feel happy and sad at the same moment. And one of the reason why I do really like watching this is because I see how this Quintet really love to play it. They treasured every second, every tone, with all of their heart. Yeah, I dunno exactly because it wasn’t me who played. But at least, that’s what I feel. Many commenters give critics but not only a few people love this. If I compare it to the original one, I agree that this one didn’t reach the correct key at some parts but I don’t really care of it because somehow that imperfection gives a soothing sensasion with its unique way.

2. Time’s Scar

This is crazy! Hahaha, I exaggerate but that’s true! My love for VGO being bigger because of it. The original version of this Chrono Cross soundtrack is only around 2 minutes. But the incredible violin solo that made this song had to be more than 3 minutes killed me with happiness >.< this one is PERFECT! Anyway, I like their face when playing it. They smiled very happy and even the cute curly girl at behind really enjoy the performance.

3. Theme of Laura, Silent Hill 2

“Zac Zinger with sophrano sax!” is the thing I remember most from this one. This time VGO collaborated with Zac Zinger, a handsome saxophonist who stealed my heart. I often listen to this when walking from house to the office. It’s a mood booster and being able to make me walk faster so I won’t be late! Hehehehe.

4. Chrono Trigger (Live at Symphony Hall)

Different from the three videos before, I think this one is their first ‘rochestral’ music I listen. I didn’t see the ‘old’ members like Brent Selby and friends here, except Shota Nakama. I was disappointed a bit. But after pressing the play button, my disappointment ran out somewhere I dunno. Hehehe. And you know what, some commenters on this video were angry with the cameraman/woman because he/she didn’t give the spotlight to the synth player when she did a great solo.

5. Dearly Beloved – Hikari (Live at Symphony Hall)

I cry. This is simply beautiful.


[ 3 ] : Ullen Sentalu

Pagi masih terasa segarnya waktu kami bertiga melaju menuju Kaliurang. Kali ini kami akan main ke sebuah museum bernama Ullen Sentalu. Ullen Sentalu adalah sebuah museum yang ternyata dikelola oleh pihak swasta. Makanya bagus. Lho? Hahahaha. Ya. Berbeda dengan museum lain yang biasanya saya kunjungi dan kebanyakan dikelola oleh pihak pemerintah daerah tempat museum itu berdiri, museum Ullen Sentalu lebih terurus dengan apik. Peraturan di sini juga cukup ketat. Sejak membeli tiket di loket yang seperti penjara, kami sudah harus mengikuti peraturan. Setelah beli tiket, kami harus booking ke meja registrasi di depan pintu masuk. Dan tidak boleh terlambat booking. Barangsiapa yang terlambat, maka harus ikut rombongan selanjutnya. Hal ini dikarenakan setiap rombongan yang masuk jumlahnya dibatasi. Kalau tidak salah maksimal hanya sampai 20 orang.

pintu masuk Ullen Sentalu

pintu masuk

Setelah melewati pintu masuk museum, kami berombongan dipandu oleh seorang guide cantik yang gaya bicara medhok khas Jogja banget. Mbak Guide pertama memberitahukan dos and don’ts yang harus kami patuhi selama berada di area museum. Salah satunya adalah kami tidak diperkenankan memotret objek atau bahkan menyentuhnya. Hal ini tentunya ditujukan agar benda-benda antik dalam museum tidak rusak dan masih dapat dikagumi oleh generasi selanjutnya. Tapi tenang saja, di area taman kami diperbolehkan berpotret.

Museum Ullen Sentalu, memamerkan koleksi-koleksi lukisan, kerajinan tangan berupa batik, serta benda-benda antik dari keraton Surakarta dan Yogyakarta. Salah satu yang paling kami ingat ketika berada di dalam museum adalah saat Mbak Guide menceritakan tentang Gusti Nurul Kamaril, seorang putri keraton yang cantik banget, cerdas dan sangat berpegang teguh terhadap prinsip yang ia yakini. Beliau ini ditaksir oleh banyak sekali orang-orang penting pada masa itu, salah satunya adalah Bung Karno. Iya, Bung Karno yang proklamator itu. Tapi lamaran Bung Karno ditolak oleh sang putri. Hihi, kasihan. Selain itu, Mbak Guide juga sempat bercerita tentang salah seorang putri yang gemar menulis puisi dan puisinya memang cukup bikin nyess. Sayang sekali aku lupa namanya siapa. Maafkan.

Setelah berkeliling di area dalam musem, Mbak Guide memberikan kami minuman jahe yang enak sebelum akhirnya kami keluar ke area taman diperbolehkan berfoto. Taman di sini cukup cantik dan ada sebuah bangunan unik seperti kastil kecil yang ternyata di atasnya adalah restoran. Sayangnya kami tidak sempat ke restoran itu lantaran sibuk berfoto sampai siang di bawah. Berikut beberapa potret yang kami ambil saat berada di taman:

DSC_0361 DSC_0375 DSC_0385

[ Anime ] : Mononoke Hime

“You say you’re under a curse? So what? So’s the whole damn world.”


The story starts with Ashitaka, the last prince of Emishi protects his village from a tatari-gami. Ashitaka kills the demon before it reaches the village, but unfortunately the demon give a curse to his right arm. The curse gives him a superhuman fighting ability but it will kill him soon. The village’s wise woman tells Ashitaka to find the cure to the west and see with eyes unclouded by hatred.

Heading to the west, Ashitaka meets Jigo, a monk who tells him to ask for a help from Shishigami, the giant deer who called The Forest Spirit. After saving life of two man who found injured in a river, Ashitaka meets San and her wolf clan. Ashitaka greets them, but being ignored. He brings the two man to an Irontown led by Lady Eboshi.

Ashitaka learns that Lady Eboshi built the Irontown by cutting the trees and make a conflict with the forest gods. The town is a refuge for social outcasts, including former brothel workers and lepers, whom Eboshi employs to manufacture firearms to defend against the gods. Ashitaka also finds out that Eboshi is responsible for turning Nago -the god who attacked Ashitaka’s village- into demon. Eboshi explains that San -the girl who lives with wolf clan- has a deep hatred to humankind and wants to kill Eboshi.

Soon after that San infiltrates the Irontown to kill Eboshi, but Ashitaka intervenes and makes them unconscious. A woman who her husband killed by a wolf shots Ashitaka and makes him bleeding but the curse holds him from dead. He leaves the Irontown with San and falls into unconsciousness because of the wound. San tries to kill him, but she stops it after Ashitaka call her ‘beautiful’ in his unconsciousness. San brings Ashitaka to the forest of Shishigami and starts to develop a deep feeling for him after the god saves his life. Ashitaka awakes and recognizes that the curse still exist.

Meanwhile, a boar clan led by Okkoto attack Irontown. Eboshi prepares for the battle and conspires with Jigo, who revealed to be a mecenary, to kill The Forest Spirit and give his head to the Emperor of Japan. According to legend, the god’s head can give immortality. San, who still have strong hatred over human wants to save Okkoto, The Forest Spirit and the forest itself while Ashitaka wants to stop the conflict between humankind and forest.

The film impresses me extremely. It affects me and leaves a strong memory. I have watched it several times and it still give me goosebumps. First time I watched it was in middle of a night. At first I felt a little bit afraid of the sounds from the forest where Nago being corrupted by iron from gunshot. But after some minutes, I felt better and can continued watching. Seeing the scenes, learning the story, and developing feeling for the characters; made me cry after the film ended. I can shouted boldly that I fall in love with this film T_T

Ashitaka, who is so tough, brave, and tender really touches me. San, with her ‘beautiful hatred’ also impresses me and gives me a chill everytime I remember her. I feel sorry for her, but also envy of her struggle for the forest. Even Lady Eboshi, who most people hates her because of her greed for power and wealth, I can understand her. What she has done to the people with lepers and poverty moves me. She helps them, gives prosperity and cheerfulness to their life. Actually I hate Jigo, but soon after I realize that he wants kill the forest spirit to protects his people, I can feel ‘really ok’ of him. And then I learn that Miyazaki made the characters as human as they are. I can’t say it better than that.

The central theme which is about relationship between humankind and earth really moves me. It’s really sad to know that human evolves and becomes more prosperous, but not the earth. It hurts from time to time because of human’s greed. I wish I can do something to at least not giving extra suffer to the earth. I wish we could live peacefully without harming the environment.

The film sountracks that composed by Joe Hisaishi are genius. They give extra ammunisions to shot me and make me die hundred times everytime I hear them. And the ending, it makes me sad at first and then I feel pleased later. It’s so touchy. I feel so warm inside. Yes, inside. Here.

source: wiki

[ Anime ] : From Up on Poppy Hill

Ehm. Halo halo. Jadi gini ceritanya, kemarin itu ‘kan gue lagi nggak enak batin. Iseng-iseng nyoba search dengan keyword “best romance anime” dan ketemulah gue sama video di yutup yang ngasih rekomendasi 4 anime yang salah satu animenya adalah Hoshi o Ou Kodomo yang pernah gue ceritain di sini. Nah karena ada anime itulah akhirnya gue mencoba-coba percaya kalo rekomendasinya mungkin cocok juga sama gue. Dan voila! Semalem gue nonton salah satunya: From Up on Poppy Hill.

Anime ini bercerita tentang Umi Matsuzaki, seorang siswi SMU yang tinggal bareng kedua adiknya, nenek dan dua orang kolega ibunya. Ibunya adalah seorang profesor yang lagi lanjutin studi di Amrik. Di antara penghuni lain, Umi lah yang generally ngurus rumah itu. Mulai dari masak, belanja, dll; walaupun neneknya hire asisten buat urus rumah juga. Suatu hari, ada yang nulis puisi tentang Umi di koran sekolah. Puisi itu menceritakan kekaguman penulis puisi kepada Umi yang setiap hari ngirim pesan untuk seseorang lewat bendera yang ia kibarkan. Well, pesan itu Umi kirim buat ayahnya yang pergi perang dan meninggal tanpa pernah pulang.

Kekaguman adiknya Umi kepada Shun si penulis puisi bikin Umi dan adiknya nekat datengin Quartier Latin (markasnya para anak ekskul ngumpul). Mulai dari situ mereka akrab dan Shun sempet diundang ke acara perpisahan anggota rumahnya Umi. Di sana Umi cerita banyak tentang keluarganya, terutama tentang ayahnya. Tapi entah kenapa, sejak acara itu Shun mulai ngejauhin Umi dan bikin dia serba salah. Acara bersih-bersih Quartier Latin yang mestinya seru pun jadi bikin Umi kikuk dan canggung kalau ketemu sama Shun. Nggak tahan diperlakukan seperti itu, Umi akhirnya nanya langsung ke Shun tentang sikap dinginnya dan Shun bilang kalau mereka adalah kakak-beradik. Jeng jeng.

Dari situ, silakan tonton sendiri. Yang nggak suka incest, tenang aja. You’ll be satisfied with the ending. Lhaaa, kok jadi spoiler. From Up on Poppy Hill ini adalah anime ghibli pertama yang gue tonton lho! Ceritanya ringan tapi membekas di hati. Romance-nya dapet, tapi nggak mendayu-dayu ngalay. Manis banget. Yang gue suka dari cerita-cerita berlatar sebelum milenium adalah, nggak tahu kenapa the way they show love, it isn’t vulgar. Mereka ngasih liat yang nama cinta nggak lewat tingkah yang berlebihan. Tapi dengan kesederhanaan mereka, mata mereka, pun kita bisa tahu kalau this two is in love. Selain itu, gue suka banget liat gimana orang-orang Jepang di jaman itu beraktivitas. Apa ya, setiap gerak kayak berirama, sederhana, indah. Jaman-jaman tahun 60-70an di mana teknologi belum membekap kita. Giccuuu. Suka deh. Manis. Kayak gue. Pret. Oh iya lupa, gue sempet ketawa geli pas muncul lagu kasino yang siawasiwa umono uneni di anime ini. Baru tau gue ternyata itu lagu jepang! Hehehehehe.

Baiklah, demikian cerita gue tentang From Up on Poppy Hill. Kalau disuruh ngasih rate, gue bakal kasih nilai 8 dari 10. Tertarik kan?

[ Novel ] : Rahasia Meede

Sebelum berangkat, marilah kita mengerjakan pe er dahulu. Dapet tugas bikin review novel yang disuka. Banyak sebenernya novel yang bikin jatuh cinta, tapi berhubung yang lagi ngejogrog di atas kasur yang ini dan memang bukunya bagus banget, uweslah dia yang kena sasaran review. Sila simak 😀

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[Anime] : Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below)

Oka-san, what’s the meaning of blessing?

Blessing is something that I feel when you’re born, Asuna.

Ayo, siapa yang kenal Bapak Makoto Shinkai? Setelah Byousoku 5cm, Makoto Shinkai lagi-lagi bikin anime yang nyentil gue. Kali ini judulnya Hoshi o Ou Kodomo alias Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below. Artinya? Gak tau. Cari aja di gugel tranlate. Hehehe.



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