5 Most Favorite VGO Youtube Videos

Hello, there!

One day, I was searching for the music video of Gently As She Goes on Youtube and I found the version of it sung by an incredible singer called Erutan. After that, I fell in love with her and started searching for her works again. She loves playing songs from video games. One of the song I love most is Radical Dreamers from Chrono Cross. Because of my love for that song, I searched for many version of that song and found a video named Radical Dreamers (Quintet Version). I was watching it and I felt like ‘Oh my God, this is very soothing!!!!’. I started being crazy to find any other of this Quintet and found that they are the members of an orchestra called Video Game Orchestra.

I don’t really like listen/watching orchestra, especially the classic ones. But when I watch VGO with their games music I feel extremely happy and wanna listen more!! And after 2 years listen/watch them on Youtube, I have these 5 favorite videos of them. I don’t type the number as the rank because I just love them all the same. Can’t decide which one better simply because they are the best!

1. Radical Dreamers (Quintet Version)

The first video, my first love! Until now, I still can’t forget how I feel when I first listen/watch for it. I feel happy and sad at the same moment. And one of the reason why I do really like watching this is because I see how this Quintet really love to play it. They treasured every second, every tone, with all of their heart. Yeah, I dunno exactly because it wasn’t me who played. But at least, that’s what I feel. Many commenters give critics but not only a few people love this. If I compare it to the original one, I agree that this one didn’t reach the correct key at some parts but I don’t really care of it because somehow that imperfection gives a soothing sensasion with its unique way.

2. Time’s Scar

This is crazy! Hahaha, I exaggerate but that’s true! My love for VGO being bigger because of it. The original version of this Chrono Cross soundtrack is only around 2 minutes. But the incredible violin solo that made this song had to be more than 3 minutes killed me with happiness >.< this one is PERFECT! Anyway, I like their face when playing it. They smiled very happy and even the cute curly girl at behind really enjoy the performance.

3. Theme of Laura, Silent Hill 2

“Zac Zinger with sophrano sax!” is the thing I remember most from this one. This time VGO collaborated with Zac Zinger, a handsome saxophonist who stealed my heart. I often listen to this when walking from house to the office. It’s a mood booster and being able to make me walk faster so I won’t be late! Hehehehe.

4. Chrono Trigger (Live at Symphony Hall)

Different from the three videos before, I think this one is their first ‘rochestral’ music I listen. I didn’t see the ‘old’ members like Brent Selby and friends here, except Shota Nakama. I was disappointed a bit. But after pressing the play button, my disappointment ran out somewhere I dunno. Hehehe. And you know what, some commenters on this video were angry with the cameraman/woman because he/she didn’t give the spotlight to the synth player when she did a great solo.

5. Dearly Beloved – Hikari (Live at Symphony Hall)

I cry. This is simply beautiful.


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